China 500 strong enterprises: the number of patents continued to grow independent innovation abilit

        Date:2015-8-25 15:48
        China 500 strong enterprises report: the number of patents continued to grow independent innovation ability
        The risk of overseas investment is poor when the investment losses
        Reporter Yu Yingbo.
        From August 22nd to 23, 2015 China 500 strong business summit held in Nanning, Guangxi. During the forum, the Chinese Enterprise Association, the China entrepreneur association task group released the 2015 China's big enterprise development trend report shows: Although the Chinese enterprises 500 strong patent ownership in a sustained growth, but the independent innovation ability is still insufficient.
        Experts pointed out that the internationalization of Chinese enterprises operating performance is not optimistic about the investment losses, the case should be more focus on compliance management, strengthen risk identification and early warning.
        Leading international standards to increase the number of three into
        The report disclosed that from the perspective of the enterprise patent, 2015 Chinese companies have 500 companies to provide the patent data, the total number of patents 531000, an increase of 500 over the previous year 12.6%; 143000 patents for inventions, accounting for 27% in all types of patents, an increase of 14.2% over the previous year. Although the growth rate has been significantly decreased, but still at a high level.
        Data show that 2015 Chinese enterprises in 500, the R & D intensity of more than 63 have 5%, more than 13 of 3% companies; more than 3 of 10% companies, respectively, HUAWEI (14.17%), China Aerospace Science and industry (11.55%), ZTE (11.06%). These enterprises in the telecommunications equipment manufacturing, aerospace technology, military, home appliances manufacturing, cloud computing, intelligent vehicles and other areas to maintain a leading position, is the representative of innovative large enterprises in china.
        And from the standard of innovation activities, 2015 Chinese enterprises in the 500 strong enterprises to provide the standard data, they are involved in the development of standard number 30100, including 27800 domestic standards, international standards 1442. There are 9 enterprises to participate in the development of standards for more than 1000. Compared with the previous year, the standard reporting companies increased by 10, the total number of standards has decreased, but the number of leading and participating in international standards development increased by 35.3%, an increase of 376

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