Chemical fiber industry in the first half of 2015 amounted to 23.36%

        Date:2015-8-25 09:01
        According to China Chemical Fiber Industry Association recently released in the first half of 2015, the economic operation of chemical fiber industry shows that in the first half of this year, China's chemical fiber industry, the overall performance is good, but the industry is still in a loss of 23.36%, the company's profitability polarization. 1~6 months of this year, China's chemical fiber production 23074000 tons, an increase of 11.63%, the growth rate increased 4.11 percentage points over the same period last year. The polyester production grew 12.72%, 4.99 percent growth rate increased; nylon production grew 18.37%, the growth rate increased 5.87 percentage points. In the first half of this year, the average operating rate of chemical fiber industry has increased, production growth has accelerated; profit increased significantly, especially in the two quarter increased significantly; fixed asset investment steady growth. In various sub sectors of the textile industry, chemical fiber industry profit growth of 50.59%, to 14070000000 yuan, to become the fastest growing sub sectors of profit. Data show that with the increase of chemical fiber products, chemical fiber industry trade friction, anti-dumping cases occurred frequently. Since 2015, his country to China's chemical fiber products launched anti-dumping investigations or sunset review of the case of a total of 8, China's anti-dumping investigations initiated 1 cases. China's chemical fiber industry association tips China's chemical fiber industry, to further standardize the import and export market order, chemical fiber export enterprises should strive to improve product added value and competitiveness, to avoid relying solely on price competition. According to the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association forecast that the second half of this year, the domestic and foreign economic growth is still relatively large, the global economy is expected to continue to maintain a weak recovery trend. Domestic economy with a series of steady growth policy gradually bear fruit, the annual GDP is expected to grow by 7%. The textile industry is expected to maintain a stable development, industry growth can be maintained at the level of the first half. Comprehensive judgment, chemical fiber industry is still in the stage of bottoming, but with last year second half of the base increases, this year second half of the year production and benefit index growth speed will be somewhat lower than the first half of the year. (reporter He Ke)

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